Attorney Stephen Holmes

Attorney Stephen Holmes has been a lawyer in Massachusetts for over twenty-six years. He is a graduate of Suffolk University Law School and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

In addition to the practice of law, he has an extensive background in business, management, and technology. He served as a VP of Engineering at two high tech companies developing world class computer systems in the 80’s and 90’s. He also developed cellular communications systems that brought interconnectivity to millions of people in rural Africa and India.

He has since returned to law and formed the Holmes Law Offices. Its mission is to bring high quality legal services to clients who cannot afford the services of the big law firms. With a focus on bankruptcy, real estate, and business law, Attorney Holmes knows that everyday, hard-working people deserve expert counsel and the utmost respect in addressing legal issues that affect their lives and businesses. He believes that communications between attorney and client should be crisp, clear, and voluminous

Attorney Holmes’ broad and diverse background allows him to bring a unique, wide spectrum perspective to every day legal issues and makes him a valuable business partner to his clients.